SECTION B: Target Audience and Comms Objectives Available for DigitalKoda (3/4)

Task 3- Target Audience Identification

Target Audience Geo-locational Behavioural Psychographic
1. Marketing students at MMU
  • Final year students
2. Digital marketing enthusiasts
  • Interest in marketing
3. Industry related professionals/ organisations
  • Interacting on twitter
Pros Cons


In order of priority Risks of choosing Risks of discarding
1. Marketing students at MMU
  • Limited to only students on our course


  • Ranks highly on DSMMCM1819 Google search where students are searching
2. Industry related professionals/ organisations
  • Vague, undefined market
  • Have been interacting on social media- liking and commenting on our posts
3. Digital Marketing enthusiasts
  • Not very specific
  • Could be potentially interested

Chosen target audience:

-Marketing students at MMU


-Industry related professionals/organisations

-Digital Marketing enthusiasts.

Task 4- Digital Comms Objectives


1. Attract 1000 visitors by uploading posts on social media platforms.

Pros: More inbound traffic and improvement to search engine rankings, also higher conversion rates.

Cons: Advertising competition.

2. Attract 1000 visitors using targeted emails.

Pros: Ability to target the intended audience.

Cons: Many people have filters, email may go to the spam folder.

3. Attract 1000 visitors by inviting people from other pages.

Pros: Ability to take advantage of biggers pages and interacting with them whilst promoting the website on their page.

Cons: Possibility of getting blocked by pages – could affect brand image.

Verdict: Attracting visitors through invitations and targeted emails are not a priority, the main reason for this is that online users may find these methods annoying and therefore turn them away.

Attracting visitors through posts on social platforms is the priority. Using a strategy that increases the number of followers and promotes the website will lead to an increase in inbound traffic.

Risk of choosing: Social media followers may feel that the social platforms are intended to advertise solely for the website which could turn them away.

Risk of Discarding: Could lose out on potentially gaining many visitors to the website.


1.Review section for each blog post.

Pros: Allow visitors to give their opinions, leading to a closer relationship.

Cons: Negative comments could give the website a bad image.

2. Personalized emails for visitors.

Pros: Suitable and appealing to the visitors, “improve click-through rate by 14% and conversion rates by 10%”.

Cons: Could go to the spam folder.

3.High quality and interesting content.

Pros: Quality content can be useful for long periods of time and will be shared by visitors leading to a higher conversion rate.

Cons: Inability to maintain consistency in content quality can turn away visitors.

Verdict: Personalized emails for visitors can be a turn off for many people if they’re too many although they can have the ability to strengthen the relationship with visitors through direct communication. High quality and interesting content are difficult in maintaining consistency, besides they’re crucial for visitors. The priority conversion objective is a review section for each blog post. This will allow for the development of a stronger relationship with users. 

Risks of choosing: Negative comments – could lead to visitors leaving.

Risks of Discarding: Miss out on a possible user conversion rate of 58%


1. Videos related to blog posts/ website content.

Pros: More interesting and engaging information/content.

Cons: A Lower standard of website experience if not implemented.

2. Premium blog posts for regular visitors.

Pros: This will retain the visitors as they will have access to interesting content.

Cons: Visitors may feel that all blog posts content should be at a high standard which could turn them away.

3. Allowing long-time users to suggest new ideas or perhaps create their own blog posts.

Pros: New ideas could appeal further to visitors.

Cons: Lack of consistent quality content.

Verdict: Premium blogs could lead to users feeling that all blog posts should be equally high in quality and could, therefore, turn them away. Allowing users to create their own blogs carries the risk of lack of consistent content. 

Therefore, the priority retention objective is videos related to blog posts/website. The main reason for this is that it will provide users with further information and engaging content that will appeal to them, which can lead to a higher rate of user retention.

Risk of Choosing – Users may lose interest in the website and move to the content developers of the video instead.

Risk of Discarding – Lower retention rate of users.



  • Aqib Choudhury   ID 16029564
  • Elisha Isherwood ID 16028097
  • Hammam Abdalla ID 16013503
  • Inês Reis  ID 16033582

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